18 May

Rubber driveways perform very well in the extreme heat and extreme cold of Southwest Saskatchewan.  Since rubber driveways are not as common as concrete driveways, people wanting to cover their deteriorated concrete often ask about snow removal on the rubber surface.    

Time to compare concrete and rubber driveways...

We have had our driveway for four winters.  The rule we try to live by is that there is no driving on a fresh snowfall (nothing is worse than packing snow down with a vehicle and then trying to shovel the packed snow up).  Concrete driveways and rubber driveways are tied when it comes to this problem.  If the snow gets packed down it is difficult to shovel up.  

As a result we remove the snow either by shovel or snow blower with every snowfall. Every light snowfall the driveway gets shoveled.  If your driveway is pitted and cracked a rubber driveway is way better.  The shovel does not get stuck or jammed on the smooth rubber surface.  

With every large snowfall the snow blower comes out.  The snow blower performs the same on a concrete driveway as a rubber driveway.  However, if the snow blower gets caught on the edge of your driveway (between the rubber and lawn) there is a chance a chunk of rubber can be taken out.  The rubber can be repaired. 

Should snow removal deter you from covering your ugly concrete driveway...absolutely not!