17 Jun

Rubberstone Dealer Warranty
Applies to New Rubber Stone Installations Only

This product will be free of defects due to workmanship and/or inferior
materials for a period of three (3)years.

No warranty against cracking is expressed or implied due to extenuating
circumstances such as settlement of substrate.

Sierra Stone Installations Inc. will not be responsible for damage after the
installation has been completed and the area has been marked off limits
(including, but not limited to, damaged caused by animals, humans, or
unexpected circumstances). Repairs of such damage will be surcharged.

Warranty will be void unless proper maintenance is adhered
to using only Rubber Stone products.

Sweep, vacuum, damp mop, etc. as necessary.
Steam clean or power-scrub occasionally for a complete cleaning.

A minimum of one annual wash with a high pressure washer is recommended to
ensure minimal accumulation of sediment and moss.

Spills from petroleum products such as gasoline, oil, etc. must be removed as
soon as possible to prevent degredation of the surface. More details are
available in the Rubber Stone Care and Routine Maintenance Guide.

A top coat of adhesive must be applied at periodic intervals in order to
maintain the structural integrity of the surface. The exact frequency of this
top coat will vary according to the amount of traffic, wear, and environmental
factors acting on the surface.

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